Where to Buy

Support your local record store by buying Hairy Spider Legs vinyl, CDs and tapes there. If they don’t have it, ask them to get it for you. You can also buy vinyl and MP3s from our online store.

Feel free to email us if you’d like to place a special order: info {at} hairyspiderlegs {dot} com

In Chicago, all Hairy Spider Legs vinyl and tapes are in stock at:
Space Oddities in Humboldt Park
Law of Ice in Bridgeport.

Webshops and distros:

Carrot Top/Saki (USA)
Fusetron (USA)
Eclipse Records (USA)
Norman Records (UK)
Volcanic Tongue (UK)
Shiny Beast (Netherlands webshop)
Clear Spot (Netherlands distro)
Warszawa (Japan)
Yellow Moon Records (Chile)

You can also buy our MP3s in our online shop, as well as every conceivable digital music platform such as iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, eMusic, etc.