Wei Zhongle

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Nu Trance by Wei Zhongle is an exciting moment in music. It detonates oppositions of globalism and hermeticism, male and female, precision and feeling. Sounding like a broadcast from the future, it’s as if a very singular post-kosmische sound were vaguely situated in the tropics. Can, This Heat, and 80′s Downtown New York lay somewhere in Wei Zhongle’s world mutant genetic imprint.
The members of Wei Zhongle are nomads. The intuitive vocals by Rob Jacobs are sometimes in English but mostly in a language of his own, inventive but perhaps also channeling ancient vocal traditions, while laying down hypnotizing guitar. Sam Klickner’s forceful but intentional drums are a free ticket to Bonkersville. The effects-enhanced clarinet by John McCowen floats over and weaves through it all, pulling everything out in four dimensions. Minds are blown when these three elements merge.


Wei Zhongle - Nu Trance
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“…Wei Zhongle really sound nothing like anybody else…. There are parts of Nu Trance you can dance to, there are parts you may even eventually sing along to, but the entire thing is a colourful and joyous headfuck, broadcasting right from the very brink of insanity.”
The Quietus

“…songs like the mellifluous ‘To Woman’ will sound like nothing else, ever. Nu Trance is a vision quest set to music, an attempt to reach the unknown via a group of unbridled spirits, levitating as they play like the ghosts of avant-prog past. Peers include Gong, Degenerate Art Ensemble, Point Reyes, Ruins, and Deerhoof, so if you’ve spent time with any of these folks, or need a quirky new thrill in your life, welcome to the Zhongle, baby. To paraphrase Hella, you’re gonna LIVE.”
Consequence of Sound

“Nu Trance is absolutely incredible…. It’s delightful and airy and entertaining and completely original. And you need to get a copy, now.”
– Cyclic Defrost

“Take Blueberry Boat, mix it with Here Comes The Indian, add a dash of NIPOMO, and you’ve got that Wei Zhongle sound… post-kosmische tribal jam… Transferal of energies into the unknown…. Unforeseeable directions.”
Tiny Mix Tapes

“Quite a remarkable record.”
Words On Sounds