Party Music

Bad Psychic / Diva 93 / Sara Century / Syko Friend

Bad Psychic

is Liv Mershon, a multi-media artist from Bloomington, Indiana. Her dark synth, full-length witch masterpiece “Soon” was released on Sygil Records in 2014.

Diva 93

is the bitchy, lusty, rusty vocal+synth+bad beats project of Jess Buns from Minneapolis. Influenced by queer and DIY aesthetics as much as Mariah Carey, she has been releasing tapes of her music for years and is also in the band Yoni Yum.

Sara Century

is a queer independent multimedia artist strongly informed by punk, comic books, pulp heroes, art house cinema, and the avant-garde. Her art is fueled by equal parts feminism and dark humor. Her music has been released on Tinyamp Records, and she is currently based in Seattle.

Syko Friend

is the solo project of Minneapolis-based Sophie Weil. With sloppy guttural guitar and clumsy finger styling, her tempered temper tantrum is the lump in your throat you buried a long time ago. Her full-length album “Problem Child” came out on Mind Rider Records in 2015, reinventing grunge by making it personal, meditative, and hypnotizing.

Party Music: Bad Psychic, Diva 93, Sara Century, and Syko Friend

1A Bad Psychic

Instrumentation, Vocals, and Composition by Liv Mershon. Recording, Production and Mastering by Jon Erich Booth in Bloomington, Indiana.

Visions 4:44
See Me No More 4:42
Demons 5:45

1B Diva 93

Written and performed by Jessica Buns. Recorded by Trent Urness at Blank Wall Recording in Minneapolis.

Punish/Abandon/Reward 3:32
Bury The Sins 3:13
Heart Is Heavy 4:38

2A Sara Century

Sara Century did everything herself and recorded vocals on a zoom in a car.

I Wanna Go Where the People Are 3:51
Does No Compute 3:10
I Got A Girlfriend In Canada (But We’re Open If You Are) 3:42
I Wait For No One 3:24

2B Syko Friend

Written and performed by Sophie Weil, recorded by Steve Earnest in St. Paul, MN

Tupelo’s Tell 3:16
Fly Canyon 8:31

Art by Alex Micallef

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