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Spires That In The Sunset Rise – Beasts In The Garden



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Beasts in the Garden is the seventh full length record by Midwest visionaries Spires That In The Sunset Rise. Since 2010, STITSR have operated primarily as a duo consisting of long time members Kathleen Baird and Taralie Peterson. After releasing two lush, string based albums Ancient Patience Wills It Again Part 1 and 2 in 2012 and 2013, STITSR have returned with a definitively new direction inspired greatly by two years of exploring improvisation with members of the free jazz community in Chicago, Milwaukee and Madison. Inspired to dig out their old high school instruments buried deep in the closet, Beasts in the Garden consists primarily of Taralie Peterson on alto saxophone and Kathleen Baird on flute. And in usual fashion, these two prove their musical versatility and innovation by not only embracing these two new instruments but completely owning them. Using pedals to loop, layer, pitch bend and reverse, STITSR continue to create dense lush soundscapes that verge decidedly more towards the ecstatic as opposed to their signature darker, moodier reputation. And not to be overshadowed by the new instrumentation, the Spires remain an absolute formidable force vocally with both Baird and Peterson continuing to evolve and expand the limits. While newer influences are detectable here (the repetitions of Terry Riley, the harmonizing of Jon Hassell, the wild wanks of Albert Ayler, and the flute pulses of Florian Schneider), this record continues STITSR’s fine tradition since 2001 of building “songs” in the most unorthodox of ways.

2015 was a busy year for Spires That In The Sunset Rise, opening for Slint on several dates of the Spiderland reunion tour, and also toured Europe. The UK label alt.vinyl released Beasts In The Garden in a small vinyl edition. In 2016, Hairy Spider Legs is pleased to make this mind-shattering album accessible in the U.S. as a cassette and MP3 release.

Past releases include Ancient Patience Wills It Again and Ancient Patience Wills It Again Part II (2012), Curse The Traced Bird (2008), This Is Fire (2006), Four Winds The Walker (2004) which was reviewed in Pitchfork to high acclaim, and their first self-titled (2003).

Having once been a Chicago-based collaboration of up to five women all hailing from Decatur, Illinois, the music of Spires That In The Sunset Rise is now the more intimate yet expansive expression of long time members Kathleen Baird and Taralie Peterson, now living in Brooklyn, NY and Madison, WI. Toying with certain traditions but never fully embracing one, STITSR remains a truly unique vision of the personal and mystical. STITSR has shared bills with John Zorn, Espers, Six Organs of Admittance, Josef Van Wissem, The Incredible String Band, Daniel Higgs, Jack Rose, Arrington Dionyso, Larkin Grimm, Melissa Nadler, Lucky Dragons, Charlambides, MV/EE, Faun Fables, Samara Lubelski, P.G. Six, Evangelista, Kawabata Makoto, Bert Jansch, Lichens, Paul Metzger, and others.

Cassette with download: $5 plus shipping

MP3: $9

1) Beasts In The Garden 6:10
2) Schluss 6:00
3) Bitchin (for Suma) 7:01
4) Portabittaclog 6:14
5) White On White 3:49
6) Promised Land 5:33
7) The Sun 3:05

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