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From Philadelphia by way of the weirdo hotbed of Bloomington IN, Lady Shame is a solo reinvention of the project Shame Thugs. It's the vision of Miss Mess AKA DJ Mary Shelley working with production partner Sonny Blood AKA DJ Spacey Fade (of Apache Dropout); the outcome is beats that are as equally genius and freaky as Frankenstein. Mining cool old records indiscriminately of genre, R&B, Rock n' Roll, Funk and probably more are all represented (and it gets very funky indeed on “Floor Roll,” an insanely funky bass riff paired with lysergic guitar). Her vocals float over all of it in reverb/cough syrup bliss haze, highlighting foggy melodies that seem strangely familiar. Fans of U.S. Girls will rejoice to have a brilliant fresh take on party hauntology.

Release date: August 19, 2016
Edition of 75 chrome tapes

Looky Here 3:59
She's a Rebel 6:10

Floor Roll 6:29
What Goes On 3:40

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