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knives of spain telluric cassette

knives of spain – telluric


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knives of spain is the 21st-century trobairitz music of NC-based auteur Gwen Young. Spanning sonic terrain from delicate song craft to opaque experimentation, she weaves eclectic arrangements of classical guitar, accordion, analog synths, flute, percussion, field recordings, electronics, and voice. The result is a fever dream, a swarm of cicadas, an unearthly transmission. knives of spain pulls us through the mirror into the strange reflections of our collective conscious.

Release date: October 7, 2016
Edition of 75 chrome tapes
Comes with MP3 download

waiting 2:01
helluland 6:39
field notes 3:22
los misterios 4:04
top of the stairs 3:42

part one 2:02
ants 3:56
still 5:26
jealous cannibal 4:24
every island needs a sea 4:49

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