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Dean Cercone is a visionary who makes androgynous future music, whipping up drum, guitar and kitchen sink live loops in a Tasmanian angel whirlwind. He started playing when he was a teenager, crashing an Arrington de Dionyso/Old Time Relijun show outside, leading to an invite to play the show inside for real. Comparisons to Animal Collective abound but maybe he’s more like a blissed out, one-person version of Goblin.

Pregnant has been Daniel Trudeau’s constantly evolving project for ten years. Fluctuating between improvisation, songwriting, and using samples, he turned the conceptions of those three impulses inside out to form the braids of his music. His relationship with samples is striking: for his previous album “Lyre Bird,” he constructed parts out of samples, then sent the stems to various musicians he knew so that they could mimic the stems, then put the stems back into the complete songs. Pregnant is a project that truly deconstructs then reconstructs the possibilities of sampling and songwriting, under his personal vision and tropical guiding light.

Release date/ships July 8, 2016
Edition of 150 chrome tapes

A: Dean Cercone
Shining In Your Eyes 3:57
Worked For So Long Now 3:39
Warship Dreamboat 8:13

B: Pregnant
Gatewind 1:48
Landfill 1:44
Oars Reject Her Thesis 2:54
A Weighted Pocket 3:36
BMX 1:38
Isabella Your Song 3:19

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