Tar Pet

Tar Pet
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Tar Pet is the solo project of Taralie Peterson from the legendary psych veterans Spires That In The Sunset Rise. Both projects recapture creative music by bringing it into a timeless, acoustically sourced domain. You may hear a dream-state soliloquy sung that was once told to her by her five year old son, while a cello veers unexpectedly, interweaving with unknown sounds. You are liquified by unusual folk instruments from around the world, strange tunings, and existential lyrics. There is a constant disintegration of oppositions in her ritualistic music – meandering yet simultaneously focused, beautiful and melodic but unnerving and discordant. Great for opening the mind to the cracks between worlds. Tar Pet is completely riveting, mysterious, and a very rare occasion to listen again, as if for the first time.


“existential meanderings, hollow acoustic mawps, and flagrant haunting all settle in before its songs even have legs. “Poem By Fineus”, a subtle acoustic track that features waverings and experimental ups-and-downs, is fruitful in its ability to feel cleansing and pure…. a little psychedelic unrooting is all the heart needs to shake through to clarity.” – Dayna Evans, IMPOSE

“Taralie sounds as though she is singing in pitch-blakckness, but the spider webs of (what even is it?) autoharp, banjo, zither, mbira leave little patterns of white light wherever they go. This is best listened to eyes closed, in a space with no other sensory distractions – like sleep.” – 20 Jazz Funk Greats