Spires That In The Sunset Rise

Spires That In The Sunset Rise

Since 2001, internationally renowned psych-folk visionaries Spires That in the Sunset Rise have released six full length albums, Ancient Patience Wills It Again and Ancient Patience Wills It Again Part II (2012), Curse The Traced Bird (2008), This Is Fire (2006), Four Winds The Walker (2004), and their first self-titled (2003). Having once been a Chicago-based collaboration of up to five women all hailing from Decatur, Illinois, the music is now the more intimate expression of long time members Kathleen Baird and Taralie Peterson, now living in Madison, Wisconsin. The instrumentation remains varied and eclectic: harmonium, guitar, slide, banjo, bowed psaltery, cello, flute, autoharp, spike fiddle, mbira, etc. Toying with certain traditions but never fully embracing one, STITSR remains a truly unique vision of the personal and mystical. STITSR has shared bills with John Zorn, Espers, Six Organs of Admittance, Josef Van Wissem, The Incredible String Band, Daniel Higgs, Jack Rose, Arrington Dionyso, Larkin Grimm, Melissa Nadler, Lucky Dragons, Charlambides, MV/EE, Faun Fables, Samara Lubelski, P.G. Six, Evangelista, Kawabata Makoto, Bert Jansch, Lichens, Paul Metzger, and others.


“Bending the barriers between ritual folk and spiritual experimental compositions, Spires that in the Sunset Rise present beautiful hymns built around vocals and acoustic instrumentation. Bowing, droning backing provide a suitably eerie key for emotional vocal performances. As their instrumental sequences expand and repeat, the group build intense experiences that squarely place mystical expressions within the reach of clear, rational understanding. A lone vocal, a series of percussive beats, a set of swelling strings; in these elements, Spires that in the Sunset Rise execute mysterious, beautiful phrasing in a way that is perfectly accessible. For this reason, their vision is clear, their destination is easy to follow, and their intense experience is also immensely enjoyable.” Album of the Year – Nicholas Zettel, Foxy Digitalis

“This album is gorgeous. It is dramatic, and witchy, and bounces around a million different instruments – intermixed with thunder, rain, and insect noises. I want to call the four corners with this album.” – Vice

“… this feels like some of the most personal avant extensions of Gothic American country in an age.” – Volcanic Tongue

“… they approach everything with such a pure spirit of invention that their music conjures its own culture. The new album’s five long songs have some of the time-suspending properties of Tony Conrad’s minimalist drones, some of the unsettled otherworldliness of Kendra Smith or Current 93, and some of the transhuman evocations of nature you find in Mongolian and Siberian music—plus something that belongs entirely to Spires That in the Sunset Rise and isn’t available anywhere else (believe me, I’ve looked).” – Chicago Reader

“their magic comes from a place full of sounds that whisper to the spirit; they can take you to the depth where for sure consciousness wanders in bliss. so fast and without realizing we fly fast to another reality, their reality…. every musical detail feels like being in a forest full of sacred plants to play with.” – Microphones In The Trees


8 Oct Dublin, Ireland @ The Vintage Room in The Workman’s Club w/ Brigid Power Ryce

9 Oct Cork, Ireland @ Gulpd Cafe
Triskel Arts Centre w/ Roslyn Steer


14 Oct Brussels, Belgium @ Les Auteliers Claus w/ Half Asleep + dj pietcheval 10/14

15 Oct Antwerp, Belgium w/ dsr lines

17 Oct Wroclaw, Poland w/ Magic Carpathians

18 Oct Krakow, Poland w/ Magic Carpathians

21 Oct Vienna, Austria @ Celeste w/ Johanna Forster/Markus Deutschmann, Eric Arn

Ancient Patience Wills It Again and Ancient Patience Wills It Again Part II are the fifth and sixth full-length releases by Spires That In The Sunset Rise. These albums are full of contemplative beauty. We are led to a place that is airy and mysterious; the songs are lit by the shadow of a waning light. A departure from the fierce psychedelia of their previous releases, Ancient Patience embodies a deep, timeless stillness. Meditative passages played on the Cello, Spike Fiddle, and Harmonium overlap with warm, delicate vocals. These songs continue on your mind long after the tracks end.

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