Laughing Eye Weeping Eye

Laughing Eye Weeping Eye
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Laughing Eye Weeping Eye transports you to another place, perhaps inside a medieval church with ghosts, gnomes, and angels, or to a magick ceremony with fire-breathing serpents. Channeling old spirits into new forms, their music expands the language of vocals, harmonium, synth, and various instruments from around the world. LEYE WEYE will be releasing their second LP, Beway in June 2013. Their previous releases include Where Snakes & Seers Go (LP, 2011), and Lies The Shadow (EP, 2010). They have toured nationally since 2010, sharing bills with Arrington de Dionyso’s Malaikat dan Singa, Spires That in the Sunset Rise, The Cherry Blossoms, Wildbirds & Peacedrums, Fursaxa, Ashley Paul, Happy Jawbone Family Band, Circuit des Yeux, Ruby Fray, and others. Website | Facebook

Four songs from the new LP Beway

“Beway achieves, in various forms, a sonorous, bewitching, and intrepidly daring level of sui generis noisemaking, carving out an odd, medieval-y quirk of a niche that the muse of wildest Canterbury must have reserved especially for them…. Beway is close to astonishing…. there simply won’t be anything like it heard this year.” – Dave Cantrell, Caught in the Carousel

“Get medieval, indulge in the rites and rituals of Summer and turn back those hands of time with Laughing Eye Weeping Eye with their pagan-pageantry for Beway. The duo of Rebecca Schoenecker and Patrick Holbrook craft a call from the metaphysics of the ancients.” – Sjimon Gompers, Impose Magazine

Songs from the 2011 LP Where Snakes & Seers Go ~

“… every now and then, something really weird comes along and sweeps me off my feet, smothering me with smooches. That’s Laughing Eye Weeping Eye. This shit is wacky as fuck and it’s the only time I’ve deemed “freak folk” an appropriate & relevant descriptor.”
Anti-Gravity Bunny

“LEWE is intriguing for how it avoids freak folk mainstays like the blues and 60s folk, instead channeling a new set of sources yet to be tapped by any weirdos I’ve come across in the contemporary moment…. Weird like the vocals. Schoenecker’s creepy chirps, sighing glissandos, whiney drones and operatic falsettos. Weird like the instrumentation, pumped with a heavy dose of harmonium, harps, hand-claps and horns, tambourines, bells, flutes and fiddles (NOT violins…), etc. …Where Snakes & Seers Go triumphs due to the fact that it’s a good band, doing weird things in weird new ways, and doing all of those things quite weirdly-well. They make an unbearably creepy voice listenable, relatable. They put that voice into charming, inventive songs. Some of those songs are actually very, very beautiful—"River of Golden Treasures" is sleeping-tune mixtape worthy with its gorgeous, humbling melodic meditations. Overall, great new band…”
Tome to the Weather Machine

“a tale where words celebrate, commune, play, enchant, make potions and color the ride you’re taken on, where sounds make the unreal become reality… and the more i hear and feel, i grow a tail, some nice horns; i begin to twist and clap but mostly want to meow.” – microphones in the trees

“Inspired by folk music and gospel singing, the music of Laughing Eye Weeping Eye sounds like little else around at the moment, blissful melodies sung and chanted, screamed and wailed, over a droning harmonium, handclaps, loops and toy instruments. Contrast the sweetness of album opener “Venus” with the shamanic vibe of “Chant”, the former almost a hymn, sung beautifully, whilst the latter sees the vocals wailed like banshees, bringing to mind Larkin Grimm or Tara Burke. The rest of the album moves between these points, always interesting, filled with imagination, and well worth you time with “On The Path”, “River of Golden Treasures” and “Aye Yai Yai Yai” being particular favourites, the first of these sounding exactly like The Cherry Blossoms, so much so in fact that I had to check the personnel on each album to see if there was a connection, there isn’t. Containing that same strange mystical vibe as early Incredible String Band offerings, “Where Snakes and Seers Go” is a collection of songs that will curl up in your heart until it becomes an old friend.”

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